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Qian Yoyo Liu

Founder, Piano

M.M. in Piano Performance The Ohio State University 

M.A. in Church Music Trinity Lutheran Seminary

B.M. in Piano Performance Capital University


  The founder of DNA Music Academy is Qian ‘Yoyo’ Liu, owner of a very successful piano studio which has served the Columbus area for more than 15 years. High standards and a persistence of excellence has made her studio stand out among others. Yoyo strives to help each student achieve their full potential in music by participating in judicial events but also believes in the power of learning to play music to help enrich their lives. She believes one of the most important things her students get from learning an instrument is the early realization in life that it takes hard work to learn to do something well.


       Good qualities like persistence, patience, passion, self-reliance, willpower, self- confidence and communication are all brought out while learning to play music. Yoyo believes the role of a piano teacher is not just an educator but a mentor and life coach to young students.  It has always been a dream for Yoyo to have her own music school so that she could promote her teaching philosophy and train new generations of students and teachers who share the same goals and, for teachers, a passion for teaching.

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