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Guzheng Lessons


The Guzheng also known as the Chinese Harp or Chinese Zither, is one of the most popular Chinese musical instruments. The Guzheng has a beautiful sound and is a very expressive instrument. We offer private and group lessons for all ages, from beginner level. 


A Gentle Way To Fight Stress

Guzheng is not only a music instrument, it's also very good for health. Peaceful music and deep breathing in Guzheng playing helps reduce stress and anxiety.  It also helps increase the flexibility and balance.  Guzheng has a graceful form when playing.  It promotes serenity through gentle, flowing hand movements which is helpful to health.


Private and Small Group Guzheng Class
Small group classes are available at the beginner level. Registration is open and on-going. New class schedule will be announced once registration requirements are met. Private class is limited schedule, applications will be put on a waiting list if the schedule does not match.

古筝——“仁者之器”,雅乐,是我国最富有特色的民族乐器之一,被誉为“中国的钢琴”,是民乐之首。它音色优美、典雅,既善于表现抒情的曲调,又能弹奏出气势磅礴的乐章,加之入门较为简单,短时间内易出成绩,倍受广大民众所青睐。古筝常习者气质趋于古典优雅,在习筝过程中对中国传统文化在潜移默化中逐渐理解。为满足广大学生及家长对古筝器乐学习的渴求,DNA Music Academy 不仅有一对一私课,一对二精品班,并且开办了萌班和雅班,从零基础开始教授,按照学员的具体情况进行课程设置,音乐理论和实际演奏相得益彰。无论年龄大小,都能轻松从知识和能力上得到启迪和提高。


招生对象: 6-10岁

上课方式: 小组课(3-6人)。

课程介绍: 针对这一年龄阶段学生的能力发展特点,以培养耐心,启发想象力,提高艺术感受力为目的,设置针对性教材,进行手指指法技能训练,从而促进大脑智力发展,进行音乐启蒙熏陶和对传统文化更深的理解。


招生对象: 11岁以上。

上课方式: 小组课(3-6人)。

课程介绍: 灵活安排针对性基础技能训练课程和曲目,通过学习演奏,在潜移默化中不断提高自身的文化艺术修养,并从中获得音乐熏陶,舒缓压力净化心灵,增添生活情趣。


1对1 私课    $32/每周一节30分钟

1  on 1:     $32/weekly lesson (30 mins)


1对2 精品班 $24/每周一节30分钟

1  on 2:     $24 / weekly lesson (30 mins)


3-6人小班  $70/每周一节45分钟

3-6 group class:  $16/ weekly lesson (45 mins)

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