Private Lessons

One-on-one instruction provides the most attentive learning experience and are tailored to each student’s individual needs and skill level. Private lesson allows students to progress at their own pace, taking as much or as little time as desired.

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Teachers Levels
Our Music Teachers are organized in Level I, II, III, defined according to their experience, their teaching style, education background and the goals and expectations of their students.
• Teacher (Tier I) - undergraduate music major student or BM degree. 1-5 years of teaching experience. 
• Teacher (Tier II) - graduate degree, minimum Bachelor degree in music or higher. 5-10 years of teaching experience. 
• Teacher (Tier III) - minimum Master degree in music or higher. 10 + years of teaching experience.


Teacher Levels are not to be confused with the Students Level. A beginner student may start right away with a Level II or III

Teacher if more rapid results are expected. A beginner student could also start with a Level I teacher and move to a Level II teacher at a later stage.

  • Teacher (Tier I)) are ideal for students learning for personal enjoyment & enrichment and who do not want to be pushed too hard, or do not yet intend to prepare for exams and competitions.

  • Teacher (Tier II and III) are best suited for more serious students (including beginners) who are more results oriented and want to take exams (RCM or ABRSM) and progress faster. Teacher (Tier II and III) teachers are also very experienced in preparing students for competitions.  They have more extensive teaching experience, hold Masters or Doctorate degrees, are experienced in preparing students for RCM or ABRSM exams and will provide more intensive and longer music lessons.

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