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Family discount! ONLY $60 per additional student!

Eastern Standard Timezone

Introducing DNA Music Academy Summer music camp! Now online and discounted for 2020! Only $120 per student! DNA Music Academy Summer music camp is a full day online camp which includes a variety of artistic activities for students aged 4-12. Students will participate in dance, crafts, singing and music listening activities. Your child is certain to learn and have a ton of fun! This camp is taught by a state certified music educator who has experience and passion for teaching music to young students. DNA Music Academy summer music camp is one week (5 days) long and runs from 9AM-4PM (12PM-1PM lunch break) daily. There are 2 sessions (A & B) that students can attend. Each session has different activities, so you can sign up for more than one session(week)! DNA Music Academy summer music camp will run throughout the summer. Sign up for dates that work for you, and get ready to enjoy a week of fun and art!

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