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LingLing Chen

Marimba/drum set

M.M. in Percussion Performance Morehead State University


LingLing Chen is a seasoned performer. She has been playing percussion in different musical settings such as orchestra, symphony, chamber, duo, and solo. LingLing has won numerous awards when she was in school and had the opportunity to perform marimba concerto with different orchestras. 

LingLing has more than 15 years of teaching experience for percussion in several music studios and universities in Taiwan and the US . She was a teaching/graduate assistant at Ohio University and Morehead State University from 2011-2017. Not only has she taught solo techniques and percussion ensemble skills for percussion-majored students, she also has experience with teaching non-percussion major students the basic knowledge and techniques of percussion. In addition, she believes that it is important to build a strong fundamental foundation in order to develop advanced techniques for future playing.

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