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Academy Policies and Pricing

No long term contracts, tuition is monthly billed automatically for your conveniece!




$149 MONTH



$224 MONTH



$298 MONTH



$184 MONTH



$259 MONTH



$333 MONTH

  1. A $30 non-refundable registration fee is due at initial sign-up.

  2. Trial Lessons are restricted to one lesson per student, per teacher (i.e you can try more than one teacher, but not have several Trial Lessons with the same teacher). Trial lessons are available for more than one instrument/teacher and are available for a $35 fee.

  3. Tuition is a flat monthly fee and includes one weekly lesson with your instructor.

    • Most months, there will be four lessons per month. Some months, five lessons will be included. 

    • Occasionally, observance of major national holidays (New Year’s Eve , Christmas Day,  and Thanksgiving) will mean only three lessons are included.

    • DNA Music Academy recitals will replace any lessons already scheduled on that day.

  4. Tuition payment is due on the first day of every month.

    • After the fourth day of each month, a late fee of $25 will be applied to the student’s account.

  5. Tuition can be paid by credit card or through automatic debit payment through your www.DNAMusic.Academy Student Portal. DNA Music Academy strongly encourages using the Auto-Pay feature to prevent any late payment fees.

  6. In the case that tuition must be prorated, the total fee will be divided by the number of lessons possible in that month, then multiplied by the number of lessons taken. 

    • For example, a new student registers for 30-minute lessons each Monday. They enroll in the middle of a month with four Mondays and will only receive two lessons. $149 divided by the four (4) weeks comes out to $37.25, which then multiplied by two weeks, results in an invoice of $74.50. If they enroll in the middle of a month with five Mondays and will only receive two lessons. $149 divided by the five (5) weeks comes out to $29.8, which then multiplies by two weeks, result in an invoice of $59.6.


Tuition includes two formal performance opportunities in a recital hall per year. Additional educational materials (books, accessories, supplementary lessons) are not included in monthly tuition.


Students should attend their weekly lessons regularly and punctually.


  1. Students are expected to be on time for their lessons.

    • Students who are late without notice cannot be guaranteed their lesson time.

  2. No refunds and/or account credits will be provided for missed lessons.


Make-up lessons

  1. A make-up lesson will be provided only if more than 24 hours’ notice of absence is given (even in cases of illness).

    • Make-up lessons must be scheduled with the teacher, and are dependent on teacher availability. 

    • Make-up lessons must be taken within 30 days of the absence.

    • Students can only qualify for a maximum of two make-up lessons at a time. Any additional absences do not qualify for a make-up lesson.

    • Make-up lessons can be taken in-person, online, or given as a pre-recorded instructional video from your teacher.

  2. In the case of a teacher’s absence, a make-up lesson will be issued to the student or a credit will be issued to the student’s account, based on the discretion of DNA Music Academy.


  1. Students should provide 30 days’ notice before the first of the month to terminate lessons with their teacher.

    • Termination will be effective the next month tuition is due, and the student will not be charged.

    • Students have the right to attend any/all lessons that have already been paid for after submitting the termination notice.

    • DNA Music Academy does not provide tuition refund for any unattended lessons after termination notice. No exceptions.

    • Students have the right to withdraw termination notice at any time.

      • Resuming lessons with the same teacher and/or at the same time cannot be guaranteed.

  2. DNA Music Academy teachers reserve the right to terminate lessons with any student.

    • Prorated tuition will be refunded to the student.

Terms and Conditions

  1. DNA Music Academy, its officers, and its staff are not responsible for providing student supervision before or after lessons.

  2. Students and/or legal guardian(s) assume all risk of injury or harm associated with participation in musical activities at DNA Music Academy. 

    • In the unlikely event of injury sustained by a student during or as a result of participation in musical activities at DNA Music academy, students and/or legal guardians agree to release, indemnify, defend, and forever discharge DNA Music Academy officers and staff from all liability, claims, demands, damages, costs, and expenses.

  3. Unless otherwise requested in writing, DNA Music Academy is granted permission to take and use photographs and videos of students for use in promotional materials such as but not limited to brochures, advertisements, social media posts, and websites created by DNA Music Academy.

    • Permission is also hereby granted for DNA Music Academy to copyright such materials in its name.


*The above terms, policies, and conditions are effective upon student enrolment.

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