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Satch Garlock

Music Theory



B.M. in Music Industry (minor in Music Composition)

Capital University


Satch Garlock is a seasoned musician with a versatile range of accomplishments across various musical genres. Having dedicated over 17 years to mastering the piano, Satch's explorations have encompassed jazz, classical, reggae, hip-hop, and rock music. His academic journey culminated in a Bachelor of Music in Music Industry with a minor in Music Composition from Capital University. Notably, Satch thrived as a key member of "The Quasi Kings," a Columbus, OH-based ensemble, embarking on multiple nationwide tours and gracing renowned venues such as The House of Blues Chicago. In addition to his remarkable performance career, Satch Garlock's compositional prowess shines through an array of achievements. From captivating solo piano pieces to intricate arrangements for large ensembles, he has also taken on commissioned works for both chamber groups and expansive musical collectives.


As an educator, Satch has successfully imparted his knowledge in classical and jazz piano, composition, and music theory to students spanning various age groups. Central to his teaching philosophy is the belief in nurturing students' creativity by tailoring lessons to their preferred genres and encouraging exploratory composition—a path he believes guides students toward their musical potential through precise mentorship and inspiration.

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